Ruud RHMV*****N Air Handler.


The Ruud Achiever Plus RP17**H Side-Discharge Heat Pump & Multi-Position RHMV*****N Air Handler offers a Sound & Space Constraint Solution that provides system options for installations with tight space requirements and / or outdoor sound regulations. 

Manages humidity levels in the home, improving your comfort and helping you to save money on energy bills. 

Features a high-efficiency, constant CFM, variable speed motor with modulating airflow.

Designed with a sturdy steel cabinet with 1″ of foil-faced insulation, offering excellent thermal and sound insulation to keep your indoor environment nice and quiet.


  • Matched with the RP17**H Heat Pump to offer a Sound & Space Constraint Solution
  • System Efficiency: 19 SEER / 12 EER / 10.7 HSPF
  • Constant CFM Motor (ECM)