Why You Can Never Go Wrong With ENERGY STAR®-Rated HVAC Units

Why You Can Never Go Wrong With ENERGY STAR®-Rated HVAC Units

You may have seen the ENERGY STAR® symbol on your computer but did you know that you can also see this symbol on any appliance? Apart from that, all appliances that have this sticker or symbol on them are the best choice for your home and the environment.


Learn why in today’s post.


ENERGY STAR is a symbol given by the Environmental Protection Agency to machines that have been proven to minimize energy costs for the user. You can find this symbol on a blue sticker. People have come to rely on such a label for assurance that they choose appliances and electronics made to save them energy.

ENERGY STAR products must be certified by a third party after testing in an EPA-certified facility. These products should be proven to be more efficient by 10-20% compared to products without the label.

Why Should You Actively Look for ENERGY STAR?

Using ENERGY STAR appliances, especially for high-consumption systems like your HVAC, can give you significant cost savings compared to using non-certified models. With savings of as much as $115 a year, making sure your appliances have that blue sticker is well worth the effort.

For homeowners who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint and less stress on our environment, they would be glad to know that using these appliances have prevented billions of tons of greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

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