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Brighton Heat Pump Maintenance

Your heat pump system might be amongst your most-used appliances because it runs all year round to keep your home at optimal temperatures. That can kind of usage can put a strain on your system. If this strain isn't eased periodically with good heat pump maintenance, it can cause major malfunctions in your heating system.

Premier Comfort HVAC offers the best heat pump maintenance in Brighton, Colorado, and its surrounding areas.

Why choose Premier Comfort for heat pump maintenance?

Premier Comfort has proudly served Brighton, Colorado, and its surrounding areas with world-class HVAC services for 12 years. Your comfort is our top priority, and we'll stop at nothing to achieve it.


We're incredibly proud of our team. We only hire the best HVAC professionals who are NATE certified. They're kind, honest, and hardworking professionals who ensure you're comfortable and confident in their services.


Before they begin the heat pump maintenance, they'll thoroughly inspect your unit to ensure there are no other problems. They're well-updated with HVAC standards, procedures, and developments, so you can rest assured your unit is in safe hands. They'll let you know the estimated time for completion of the heat pump maintenance and keep you updated throughout the process to put your mind at ease. You can sit back and relax as they get the heat pump maintenance done with incredible efficiency.


How often do you need to get your heat pump serviced?

Your heat pump should be professionally serviced at least once a year. If possible, you should get it serviced twice, once before summer and once before winter.

As an owner of a heat pump, there are a few things you can do for external maintenance. You should keep your unit clean, change your air filters twice a year, have a regular defrosting cycle, and regularly inspect it for leaks.

Premier Comfort offers one-time and scheduled yearly maintenance to keep your heat pump in top shape.


Why should you get your heat pump serviced?

Here's why heat pump maintenance is so vital for your machine:


1. Increases heat pump's life expectancy: As with most machines, a well-maintained, regularly-serviced unit will easily outlast an ill-maintained one. Heat pump maintenance can also reduce the need for repairs and the chances of a complete breakdown.


2. Increased efficiency: A heat pump is already an energy-efficient heating system. With regular maintenance, you further increase its energy efficiency and reduce your electricity bills.


3. Increased comfort: A well-serviced heat pump does its job much better than an unserviced one. You'll truly feel the difference in the air quality, cooling, and heating.


4. Greater health benefits: An unclean heat pump can have a bacteria build that can lead to some weird odors. A dirty air filter can cause issues with air quality. Regularly cleaning the air filters is vital for people with allergies.


If you'd like your heat pump unit to be this efficient all year round, call Premier Comfort HVAC! Our highest quality services will leave you satisfied and your home filled with happiness.


Raechelle P.

Scott was able to come out on short notice at an affordable price! Will definitely use premier comfort future services.


Melinda S.

Scott came today for a clean and tune. Shows you everything and very honest! Thanks for your quick, professional advice!


Chris N.

Had a steam humidifier installed. They had a great price. Arrived on time and performed a quality and professional job. I would recommend them to anyone!


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