The Importance of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

The Importance of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

There are nearly 100 million air-conditioned homes in the US, with the AC causing 12% of all household energy costs. Without HVAC maintenance, however, components could break down. Your unit might work harder to function, increasing energy costs.

Before that happens, invest in annual preventative maintenance this year. On the fence?

Read on to discover the top benefits of preventative maintenance for your HVAC unit today!

Extend Unit’s Lifespan

Preventative maintenance ensure your unit functions for 15 years or more.

Routine HVAC maintenance allows a professional to review your unit for potential problems. They can determine which components have experienced wear and tear or what might break down next. Then, they can make the necessary repairs to ensure the entire unit doesn’t break down.

Routine maintenance will help you improve the unit’s functionality. As a result, components won’t experience dangerous wear and tear. You can catch small issues before they become major problems.

Without AC maintenance, the unit will push itself harder. Components will wear down faster. When left unattended, the entire unit could break down.

You might have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the unit when you could have repaired the damage.

To save money (and stress) consider an HVAC service during the fall and spring. Scheduling maintenance during these months will help you catch problems before severe temperatures roll in. You can keep the unit functioning at its best year-round, which could extend its lifespan.

Avoid Emergencies

You don’t want your HVAC unit breaking down when friends and family are over for summer vacation or winter break. To avoid emergencies, make sure to schedule HVAC care services before the holidays. You can confirm your unit is running at its best while avoiding an emergency when guests are over.

Otherwise, you might have to call for help during the company’s busy season. It might be a few hours (or days) before someone can fix your unit.

Instead, talk to your Brighton, CO HVAC technicians. They can provide you with maintenance tips you can use between check-ups. With their help, you can ensure your unit is running properly before guests arrive.

You won’t have to worry about the surprise and inconvenience of the unit breaking down when you have a full house.

Cut Energy Expenses

Have you noticed a jump in your energy bills month-to-month? You might want to have an HVAC technician take a look at your unit.

As components experience wear and tear, your HVAC unit will work twice as hard to push warm or cool air through. Its energy efficiency will plummet. Meanwhile, there’s more of a chance the components will break.

Ensuring your unit is well-maintained can help you cut energy expenses.

Remember, your HVAC technician can offer tips, tricks, and advice as well. For example, they might recommend you switch to an energy-efficient air conditioner. Switching to an energy-efficient unit will cut your monthly bill down.

You could save 20 to 40% on energy costs by replacing your HVAC unit.

Minimize Allergens

As part of your routine preventative maintenance, it’s important to check your HVAC unit’s air filters and vents. Otherwise, allergens will cling to the filter, making it more difficult for clean air to travel through. Allergens will float throughout your home, including:

  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Mold

Switch to a new filter every three months. If you have pets, make sure to switch it out more often. Otherwise, your family will start sneezing, sniffling, and coughing, even while at home.

With preventative maintenance, you can minimize allergens throughout your home, keeping your family happy and healthy in the process.

Improve Comfort

If your unit isn’t functioning properly, your home might not reach the temperature you desire. You could start sweating during the summer. You’ll need to bundle up during the winter, even in your own home.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable at home, scheduling routine maintenance.

HVAC care can keep you, your family, and your guests comfortable year-round.

Stay Safe

If you have an old furnace, schedule preventative maintenance for safety purposes. Otherwise, carbon dioxide might invade your home. Since it’s odorless, you might not realize your family is at risk.

Choosing an experienced HVAC company will ensure your family’s safety. Your HVAC team will ensure the gas is venting properly.

Protect the Environment

Scheduling routine checks will ensure the unit is functioning as intended. When the unit is running smoothly, it won’t use more fuel than needed. You can minimize your environmental footprint as a result.

Otherwise, consider switching to an environmentally-friendly unit to further reduce your footprint.

Meet Warranty Requirements

Some HVAC manufacturers require owners to schedule routine maintenance checks. Neglecting to schedule these appointments might cause you to void the warranty. If there’s an issue, the manufacturer won’t accept your claim.

Double-check your unit’s warranty. Otherwise, schedule maintenance checks twice a year.

Your HVAC technician will meet your warranty requirements while ensuring the unit is functioning properly.

No Worries

A broken HVAC unit could cause you unnecessary stress. You’re busy enough trying to run your household, work, or raise a family. You shouldn’t have to worry about fixing an HVAC unit, too.

Instead, schedule routine maintenance twice a year. Preventative maintenance checks can give you peace of mind. You’ll know the unit is running properly, removing a task from your to-do list in the process.

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Your energy bills and stress levels will drop as a result.

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