4 Tips on Handling Emergency HVAC Repairs With Little Stress


Nothing can prepare you for HVAC repairs except formal training and adequate experience. Without either of them, you shouldn’t try to be the hero. Fixing broken furnaces or air conditioners can be a dangerous proposition because it involves heavy equipment and electricity.

4 Tips on Handling Emergency HVAC Repairs With Little Stress

Fight the urge to tinker with your ailing unit; instead, turn it off, and pick up the phone. If you ask Premier Comfort Heating & Air, using these four tips will help you handle your current and future emergency HVAC repair needs:

1. Look for Insurance and a License

Never hire a company that isn’t insured, licensed, or both. Insurance protects you against the rigors of litigation in case something gets damaged during the service. In the event of property damage, you can be fairly compensated for your loss.

The license, on the other hand, is proof that the company can legitimately ply its trade. Without it, it should have no business offering furnace or AC repairs.

2. Check NATE® Certification

It’s imperative to hire a NATE-certified technician to guarantee flawless work. It means that the professional has adequate, real-world knowledge of the heating or cooling equipment it services.

But then again, NATE certifications are different and can even expire. No matter how soon you want to get the repair over it, make sure your service technician carries the necessary credentials to protect the integrity of your equipment.

3. Retain a Technician

In case your HVAC system acts up again, work with the same service technician proven that they’ve done a superb job previously. Familiarity helps facilitate repairs.

4. Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement

Ask your HVAC company if you could enter into a regular maintenance plan or any kind of agreement that gives you privileges. This could put you at the top of the priority list, reducing the time you need to wait to have an emergency service technician.

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