5 Warning Signs Your Furnace May Be About To Break Down


A furnace is one of the most vital systems in your home. It’s responsible for keeping your family warm and happy all year round, but sometimes even the best furnaces break down unexpectedly. In times like this, you want an HVAC you can trust, and Premier Comfort is a perfect choice. We have 12 years of experience in the HVAC field and a team of friendly, honest, NATE-certified professionals that prioritize your comfort every step of the way.

Before your furnace breaks down, it gives a handful of signs that indicate you need a furnace repair ASAP. Those signs are:

An increase in energy bills

While energy bills fluctuate depending on seasonal usage, a consistent and marked increase can indicate a poorly functioning furnace. An ill-functioning furnace uses up more fuel to create less warmth.

Water leaks

Puddles of water around your furnace indicate problems with condensation. The most likely cause is a clogged condensation drain or an obstruction in the condensation line. Some other reasons could be internal drain system blockage or humidifier problems.

Strange odors and noises

A well-working furnace makes a low humming or buzzing sound, but a malfunctioning furnace emits loud banging, clanging, and thumping noises.

When you turn your furnace on for the first time, it can have a dusty scent due to dust accumulation during the off-season. But the odor should go away shortly after. If you persistently smell burning plastic, musty smells, gas, mold, sulfur, or anything else that’s out of pocket, there could be a problem with your furnace. As we all know, gas leaks could put your home at great risk, so even if you’re unsure about the smell, it’s a good idea to give us a call.

Pilot light discoloration

A well-functioning furnace has a blue light. A poorly functioning furnace has a discolored, weak, or yellow pilot light which can indicate carbon monoxide leaks. This is a dangerous problem that requires a fast resolution from a professional HVAC like Premier Comfort.

Uneven heating

One of the biggest red flags a furnace can exhibit is the inability to provide consistently even heating across your home. Naturally, some areas might be slightly warmer than others, but drastically different temperatures indicate the need for repairs. If your furnace is blowing air weakly, overheating, and providing low heat, it’s also an indication of problems.

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If your furnace is facing any of these problems, contact Premier Comfort ASAP! We’ll get you and your loved ones back to warm and happy in no time.

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