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Heater repair in Brighton, Colorado

If you find yourself with a broken-down water heater on an icy day, worry not! Premier Comfort is here to save the day. We’ve been serving Brighton, Colorado, and its surrounding areas with the best HVAC services for 12 years. We’re available for house calls whenever you need us.

We’ve dealt with a variety of heater problems these years, so we know how to troubleshoot them with increased efficiency. You can count on our NATE-certified technicians to get there ASAP. Every member of our technician repair team is NATE-certified. NATE is an organization that recognizes excellence in training and skills in HVAC. They keep up with the latest trends and industry standards in HVAC. They’re diagnostics experts who can identify every problem, big or small.

You can count on them to only recommend the most vital repairs without any unnecessary additions. Our team will explain the issues with your heater to keep you in the look. They’ll keep you updated throughout the process on your progress. They’ll quote a realistic time for the completion of the repair and get their work done on schedule after arriving on time.


When is the right time to call Premier Comfort for water heater repairs in Brighton?

If your water heater is:

– Providing reduced water flow

– Making strange noises

– Providing inconsistently heated water

– Emitting a strange odor

– Providing rusty water

You should consider getting water heater repairs before it completely breaks down.


What heaters do you repair?

Whether you’ve got a gas-powered or electricity-powered water heater, or a tankless or tank water heater, we’ve got an expert who can fix it for you.


Is there a way to prevent heaters from breaking down?

If you regularly service your water heater, you reduce the chances of a completely broken-down unit and major repairs. We recommend you have the water heater serviced once a year. During water heater maintenance, our HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect your unit to discover potential problems and stop them in their tracks. They’ll also check for gas leaks to keep you and your loved ones safe, so don’t skimp out on regular maintenance.


Affordable heater repair services in Brighton, Colorado

Premier Comfort prioritizes your comfort every step of the way. They ensure you feel confident and comfortable in the service you provide. Our professionalism and excellent customer service have garnered loyal clients in Brighton and its surrounding area. Call us at (720) 459-4792 and we’ll be right there!

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