What Is A Forced Heating System? Pros & Cons You Should Know


Forced heating is a term you’ve most definitely encountered in the search to find the perfect HVAC, but what exactly is a forced heating system? In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about forced heating to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

What is forced heating & how does it work?

Forced heating is a type of HVAC system used to heat your home. It’s the most commonly used home heating system in North America. A forced heating system generates heat using natural gas, liquid propane, electricity, or oil.

It pushes colder air from the outside in one ductwork, forces it through a furnace, and distributes the warm air throughout your home using another duct and vents. Since forced heating uses vents to disperse heat, you can decide which rooms you want the heat to transfer to and close the vents in rooms you don’t want to warm. You can regulate the heat in your home using a thermostat.

What are the pros of owning a forced air heating system?


In comparison to other systems, a forced air heating system is an affordable option. Generally, they have a lower upfront and installation cost than other heating systems.


Forced air heating systems give you more bang for your buck. They use lesser energy to generate a good amount of heat. You can also get a variety of fuel options that are affordable and easily accessible.

Quick heating time

A forced air heating system heats up much quicker than other heating systems because the fuels used are generally at a hot temperature, which makes the process easier.

What are the cons of a forced air heating system?


The pushing of air through ducts does create a little noise that might take some getting used to.

Central control

You use one thermostat to set the temperature for the entire home. It may be a problem because some home areas are warmer than others, and they may feel overly hot with an HVAC.

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