AC Leaking? Here’s What to Do Next


Is your AC leaking? This is not one of the HVAC issues you should ever even think about ignoring.

Even if you only have an AC leaking a little bit, it’s one of the HVAC problems that could spiral out of control fast. Before you know it, you might have water damage in your home. You might also find mold growing all over the place.

So, what should you do once you notice you have a leaking AC unit? Well, there are some specific steps you’ll want to take to put this problem in the past as quickly as you can.

Here are some useful AC fixing tips on what you should do when you see your AC leaking.

Turn Off Your Leaking AC Unit

If you have an AC leak, you shouldn’t let that AC run for any longer than you absolutely have to. It would be worth shutting it off the second you realize it’s leaking.

A leaking AC unit might strain some of the most important parts of an AC system, including the compressor. This could put you in a position where you might have to tackle extensive AC repairs if you aren’t careful.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when an AC leaks. Shut it off immediately and work on trying to diagnose the problem with it.

Figure Out Where Your AC Is Leaking

There isn’t one specific thing that will have an AC leaking. There are actually a handful of different HVAC issues that can leave you with a leaking AC unit on your hands.

What are some of the most common HVAC problems that can leave an AC leaking? Frozen evaporator coils might do the trick.

When the evaporator coils in an AC unit freeze up, it can result in AC refrigerant leaking. The ice that forms on evaporator coils can also begin to melt before long and make it look like your AC unit is leaking.

There are also other HVAC problems that can lead to a leaking AC. These include:

  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • Damaged insulation on AC coils
  • Disconnected AC drain line
  • Clogged AC drain line

Whatever the case, you should spring right into action when you see your AC leaking and try to see where it’s leaking from. It might help you fix your HVAC issues sooner rather than later.

See If You Can Stop an AC From Leaking

Calling a local AC company to help you with your AC leak might be the right move. Before you contact one of the best HVAC companies Denver can offer to you, though, you may want to see if you can stop your AC from leaking on its own.

For instance, let’s say that your AC is leaking because the AC drain line is clogged. You might be able to remove a clog from this drain line with little more than just a wet/dry vacuum or even a garden hose.

You might also be able to reattach an AC drain line that has become loosened. These are quick fixes for those who feel comfortable working on their own HVAC systems.

Reach Out to a Local AC Company

If you don’t feel all that comfortable working on your HVAC system or if you simply can’t seem to figure out why you have an AC leaking, touching base with a local AC company would be smart. They’ll be able to deliver the assistance you need.

Just be sure you call on a trusted HVAC contractor Denver, CO homeowners have relied on in the past. This contractor should also have other redeeming qualities like:

  • A wealth of experience within the HVAC industry
  • The necessary knowledge to work on specific types of AC systems
  • The availability to take a trip out to your home right away to fix your AC system

The local AC company you call on should also have affordable prices for their services. It might not be the worst idea in the world to contact at least a few different companies to obtain quotes from them.

Prevent an AC Leaking Again in the Future

Whether you stop an AC from leaking yourself or hire a local HVAC company to fix it, you won’t want to go through this experience again anytime soon. It’s why you should take steps to prevent AC leaking as you move forward.

How can you do this? Here are just a few tips that should prevent AC leaking in the future:

  • Replace your HVAC filter regularly to keep it clean
  • Use bleach to clean out your AC drain line at the start of every summer
  • Inspect the insulation on your AC unit’s coils to make sure it’s in good shape

You’ll also want to make it a point to schedule AC maintenance at least once every year. A local AC company will be able to do the necessary AC fixing after inspecting your AC unit from top to bottom.

Don’t Let a Leaking AC Unit Linger for Too Long

If you’ve seen your home’s AC leaking, you shouldn’t hesitate to do something about it. You’ll regret not taking action sooner if you allow a small AC leak to turn into one of the more major HVAC issues.

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