Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace: What to Look For

If you live in the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area, then you know that winters can get harsh and bitter. And when your furnace can’t outpace the freeze and breaks down, you wind up left out in the cold. Make sure you know the signs that mean you need a home furnace replacement so you can stay toasty through the winter. Five Signs It’s Time For a Replacement If you’re not ...
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Should You Replace Your Furnace With a Heat Pump?

If your home is heated with a furnace, you might've considered switching to a heat pump at some point. In today’s post, local heating and cooling company Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC discusses the differences between these two heating systems and whether switching to a heat pump is worth it.   Key Differences Between Furnaces & Heat Pumps A typical furnace burns fuel to generate heat, distribute heated air through an ...
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4 Reasons Not to Skip Water Heater Maintenance

It’s hard to imagine going without hot water in the winter, but it's certainly a possibility should your water heater unexpectedly fail due to a lack of maintenance. Premier Comfort shares a few good reasons you should not skip water heater maintenance. Lower Risk of Failure — Regular maintenance allows you to spot potential problems with your water heater and address them before they lead to premature failure. One of ...
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Simple Ways to Troubleshoot a Faulty Home Heating System

Nothing is more frustrating than being let down by your heating equipment in the middle of winter. But because heating systems have many moving parts, you should be prepared to deal with the inevitable breakdowns or performance issues that will happen at some point. While HVAC systems have many different components, most of their minor faults can be corrected without doing DIY repairs (which are never advisable). Here's what you ...
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Why Your Furnace Is Not Heating Up

If you have no experience dealing with furnace or air conditioner repair and troubleshooting, it’s not recommended to handle these issues by yourself. However, it’s time to get over that initial fear and address a few simple issues that can help you. First Things First Don’t sound the panic alarm yet, there are a few things you can check to make sure your furnace is heating your home up the ...
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Signs That You Need New HVAC Systems Soon

Buying new heating and cooling systems can be a significant expense, which is why it pays to maintain them. With regular maintenance, HVAC units can perform efficiently for many years to keep indoor living spaces healthy and comfortable. Although most of their problems are repairable, there are instances when they’re no longer worth saving. In addition to outrageously high energy bills and inconsistent comfort levels, these signs say it’s time ...
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