Simple Ways to Troubleshoot a Faulty Home Heating System


Nothing is more frustrating than being let down by your heating equipment in the middle of winter. But because heating systems have many moving parts, you should be prepared to deal with the inevitable breakdowns or performance issues that will happen at some point.

Trouble a Faulty Home Heating System

While HVAC systems have many different components, most of their minor faults can be corrected without doing DIY repairs (which are never advisable). Here’s what you can do when you experience these inconveniences:

Not Generating Heat

First things first: make sure your unit is receiving power as it should be. Check to ensure that your circuit breakers as well as all external switches near the outdoor component are on. If they aren’t, look for the red button on the front, side or back of your heating equipment, then do a reset.

If your furnace or heat pump is producing cold air instead, the thermostat is probably not on HEAT mode. Once it’s in the correct position, be sure that the temperature is set at least one degree higher than the room temperature so it will trigger the unit to kick on and provide warmth.

Not Blowing Sufficient Warm Air

Clear anything that’s obstructing the air-supply and return-air vents. Any blockage can affect the airflow, compromising the performance of your heating equipment. If you have a forced-air system and haven’t cleaned or replaced the filter in a while, do so now, because it’s probably clogged.

Not Staying On Long Enough

Short-cycling is another problem caused by restricted airflow. If your unit dies after only a few seconds or minutes, it’s most likely turning itself off as a safety measure because of an overly hot heat exchanger. Again, make sure the air filter is clean and the vents are free of any obstructions.

Call an Expert In HVAC Systems For Further Investigation

If your troubleshooting efforts prove fruitless, leave the job to a specialist in different types of HVAC systems. Regardless of your unit, Premier Comfort Heating and Air can perform a meticulous inspection to uncover the root of the problem. We’ll recommend the most sensible solution for your situation, and carry out the necessary course of action when you’re ready to move forward. Call us at (720) 613-5904 or complete this form to discuss your HVAC needs.

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