Should You Replace Your Furnace With a Heat Pump?


If your home is heated with a furnace, you might’ve considered switching to a heat pump at some point. In today’s post, local heating and cooling company Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC discusses the differences between these two heating systems and whether switching to a heat pump is worth it.

Key Differences Between Furnaces & Heat Pumps

A typical furnace burns fuel to generate heat, distribute heated air through an air handler and vent out byproducts such as soot. Furnaces may use gas or oil as fuel, though electric furnaces utilize heating elements similar to those used on toasters to generate heat. The less waste byproducts a furnace generates, the more efficient it is. With this standard, electric furnaces are considered the most efficient.

Heat pumps, on the other hand, are essentially reverse air conditioners. An air conditioner generates cool air by putting a substance called refrigerant through various stages of compression. It also removes heat from the room as the cool refrigerant is cycled through the indoor AC unit.

At one stage in its cooling cycle, an air conditioner generates large amounts of heat, which are released as a byproduct through coils in the air conditioner’s outdoor unit. A heat pump utilizes the same cycle but releases the heat indoors. It also draws heat from outdoor air, while some types of heat pumps have equipment that draws heat from under the ground or nearby bodies of water.

Should You Replace Your Furnace?

A heat pump presents certain advantages worth considering if your home needs a new heating system. Most air conditioner repair and installation companies offer models that can function both as an air conditioner and a heat pump, which gives it a smaller footprint. Heat pumps are more energy efficient, as they don’t require fuel. They also have lower maintenance requirements compared to furnaces.

However, furnaces have their own advantages, which you should also consider. A furnace generates more heat than a heat pump, which makes it ideal for whole-home heating. Heating costs may also be lower depending on the type of fuel and the size of the unit. Furnaces have fewer moving parts as well, which reduces the risk of a malfunction.

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