Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace: What to Look For


If you live in the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area, then you know that winters can get harsh and bitter. And when your furnace can’t outpace the freeze and breaks down, you wind up left out in the cold. Make sure you know the signs that mean you need a home furnace replacement so you can stay toasty through the winter.

Five Signs It’s Time For a Replacement

If you’re not familiar with an HVAC system or how it works, it can be hard to tell whether your unit needs maintenance, repair, or to be replaced entirely. Here are some of the most noticeable signs you need to think about replacing your furnace.

Over a Decade Old

Most HVAC units stay in service for about 10 to 20 years, but no one can know their expiration date in advance. If you’ve kept up on regular heat pump maintenance, it’s likely your unit will be on the higher end of the estimate, but it’s always better to prepare ahead of time to avoid any nasty shocks and costs.

Something Sounds, Smells, or Looks Questionable

You live in your house and know what it should sound, smell, and look like. If anything seems off like the air is extra dusty, there’s a scent of smoke near the furnace, or there are noises you haven’t heard before coming from your furnace, it’s time to contact Premier Comfort Heating & Air LLC.

Your Furnace is Cycling On and Off Irregularly

A furnace works by kicking on when the temperature gets too low and then turning off once the house reaches the right temperature. This cycle repeats itself continuously to maintain a preset temperature. If the furnace starts kicking on and then off soon after, is running constantly, or takes multiple tries to turn on and stay on, then your furnace may need replacing.

The Energy Bill Has Gone Sky High

A drastic change in your energy bill that is unrelated to the weather or another change in your house’s electricity or gas usage, may mean your furnace is the culprit. A home furnace replacement can seem like a huge cost, but having a furnace that is wearing out or suddenly breaking down is far more expensive.

The Thermostat Won’t Budge

The final nail in the coffin for a furnace is when it can’t keep the house at the temperature you set. If you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat, yet there are still cold spots in your house, a home furnace replacement is necessary.

Furnace Replacement

When your home isn’t functioning how you want it to, you’re frantic to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. So how long does it take to replace a furnace? A home furnace replacement with Premier Comfort Heating & Air takes anywhere from four to ten hours.

We’ve been servicing HVAC units for over ten years and pride ourselves on quality customer service and affordable prices. When your furnace needs a replacement, you can rely on us to finish the job swiftly and efficiently.

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