4 Air Conditioning Problems That Need Immediate Attention

4 air conditioning problems that need immediate attention

If cared for and maintained properly, air conditioning systems can provide worry-free service throughout its lifespan. But given its frequent use, it’s only reasonable to expect that it will develop problems at some point. While most air conditioning problems can be addressed when it’s convenient, others, like the ones in the following list, need immediate attention.

4 Air Conditioning Problems That Need Immediate Attention

  1. Refrigerant Leaks – Air conditioning systems use a refrigerant to generate cold air. The process is a bit complicated, but it involves cycling the refrigerant through different pressure stages to cool the evaporator coils. Air is passed through these coils, generating cold air. Since the refrigerant is cycled through, no refrigerant is expended. A leak in the system needs to be addressed immediately; the less refrigerant your AC has, the less cool air it produces.
  2. Burning Smells – If you notice burning smells coming from your air conditioner, turn it off immediately and open the windows to vent out smoke. You will need to do this throughout the house if your air conditioner is connected to the ductwork. In the event that you’re seeing smoke, call 911 first before calling your HVAC technician.
  3. Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air – If your air conditioning vents are blowing room temperature air, you may be looking at a failed fan motor, failed compressor, or leaky ductwork. All will require the attention of an HVAC professional, especially leaky ducts; if not addressed, they can cause unwanted increase in energy consumption, meaning higher energy bills
  4. Loud Noises – There are many reasons your air conditioning system would make noises, but loud, screeching noises often indicate major problems that require immediate attention. A common cause of loud noise is unusually high pressure within the compressor unit. In any case, persistent loud noises in the AC should be addressed before it could cause further damage.

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