8 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair – How to Tell When You Need Professional Help


When there’s a problem with expensive equipment, the temptation to ignore the problem is too great. Repairs are not only costly but a frustrating hassle to deal with. Trying to schedule the work, followed by the discomfort of having people in and out of your property as they perform the work, will tax anyone. Maybe you think it is better to pretend you don’t need central air conditioner repair and wait for the problem to disappear.

Unfortunately, that’s never the right decision. When a problem is spotted, without fail, it will continue to worsen. Left unchecked, minor issues will decline, and the inevitability of air conditioner repair & maintenance services can’t be avoided. If the problem is inescapable, hiring an air conditioning repairman early will save you from worse stress in the end.

With so many potential warning signs, it’s hard to know what requires central air conditioner repair and what’s just a minor frustration. These eight warning signs are a reliable way to know when to seek the aid of air conditioner repair & maintenance services.

Inaccurate Thermostats

The thermostat is everything in an air conditioning system, setting the temperature for the room by automatically turning it on and off when the temperature hits a certain threshold. Thermostats, particularly digital thermostats, are trusted tools, but if it feels warmer than what the thermostat says, most likely, the thermostat is broken. Contact an air conditioning repairman today for a fix.

Short Cycling

One of the most common signs of a broken air conditioning unit is the problem known as short cycling. With short cycling, a unit runs for a few minutes, stops, and restarts quickly. This problem can’t be ignored at intervals under five minutes as this will drive energy bills higher and eventually lead to your system breaking down. The problem has two causes: an air conditioner needing repair and a miscalibrated thermostat. Seek a technician in either case.

Warm Air

Who can miss the telltale sign of an air conditioner blowing hot air rather than cold? Rightly, this is cause for alarm as several things might be wrong. The air conditioner filter might be clogged, forcing the system to put out less air and feel like the air coming out is warmer. The air conditioner coils might be dirty, with residue on the evaporator coils unable to cool the air. In either case, you must address the problem.

Weak Airflow

Related to the problem of warm air is the issue of weak airflow. The air coming out might be cool, but it travels only a limited distance. This results in a room’s strange phenomenon of cold and hot spots caused by residue built up in the system on the filters, grilles, or vents. When this happens, the entire system needs a deep cleaning.

Bad Smells

It’s hard to ignore a system spewing a noxious odor. Bad smells can come from a number of unpleasant causes, such as molds and bacteria, often accompanied by leaking water. Frequently, this happens when a drain pan overflows from moisture droplets formed when the warm air hits the cold coils. A pan overflows when it’s clogged and can’t drain. The other problem is a dead animal trapped in the system. Both causes are worth seeking help for.

High Humidity

There’s nothing pleasant about humidity outdoors, often sending people inside to seek drier air. Unfortunately, humidity sometimes follows guests indoors, increasing indoor humidity levels. When that happens, it’s time to seek the aid of an air conditioning repairman who finds the cause. Often, this stems from a unit in need of recalibration. Consider a dehumidifier as well. Humidity can damage many things in a home, making the need for a fix urgent. 

Higher Energy Costs

Sometimes the problems are invisible. You might not notice anything is wrong, but your bills spike higher and higher while your neighbors don’t see a corresponding problem. That’s when it’s time to contact air conditioner repair & maintenance services to find the problem. A quality service will perform a top-to-bottom system audit to uncover the root cause of your higher-than-expected bills. 


Ultimately the most important sign to consider is a strange or unexpected noise. It’s easy to assume a noise means nothing, but often it’s a sign of serious problems. Air conditioners should buzz. If they grind or rattle, there’s a genuine issue to explore. Contact a central air conditioner repair service immediately if you hear one.

Nobody wants extra stress in the summer. That’s why staying on top of your air conditioning system is vital. At the first sign of trouble, reach out and get the help you need so that a small problem doesn’t become serious. All of these signs are a great reason to reach out and hire a central air conditioner repair technician today. 

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