4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Properly


As the days become warmer, your air conditioner will start getting used more. At some point, you might find that it isn’t cooling your home properly no matter how low you set the thermostat. In this blog, your local provider of premier heating and cooling services, Premier Comfort, outlines the reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home like it should.


Clogged Air Filter — The air filter catches dust, pollen and other indoor air pollutants, which means it will eventually become clogged. When this happens, it can block airflow. which will result in lower AC cooling capacity. Fortunately, air filters are designed to be user-replaceable. Make sure you’re buying the same size air filter as the one you’re replacing.

 Refrigerant Leaks — Air conditioners and heat pumps generate cold and warm air by putting refrigerant through various stages of compression. Unlike fuel, refrigerants aren’t consumable, which means your HVAC system can use the same refrigerant fill throughout its service life as long as the AC doesn’t spring a leak–if it does, you’ll notice reduced output and diminished performance. Call an HVAC technician if the problem is indeed caused by a refrigerant leak.

Faulty Thermostat — One of the most common HVAC problems–which is also  the easiest to fix–is a faulty thermostat. Often the cause is simple: your thermostat may not be “communicating” properly with your HVAC system. Performing a reset and replacing the batteries usually fixes the problem. Thermostat manufacturers usually provide a set of steps for troubleshooting, and in the event that all of this fails, a replacement thermostat is fairly easy to obtain.

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