Hybrid Heating Systems and their Components

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These days it’s getting more and more expensive to heat and cool a home. As a result, anything that can increase the efficiency and lower the costs of operating the HVAC system is highly sought after. One of the ways of lowering operating costs is through the use of a hybrid heating system. The hybrid system combines a furnace with a heat pump to operate efficiently through many conditions. Let’s examine the individual parts and then see how they work together.

The Furnace

Almost everyone is familiar with the furnace. It is a machine that heats the air in a home by burning natural gas or propane to heat air that is then blown throughout the home by a fan and via ductwork. The furnace is capable of providing potent heat in even the coldest of weather. However, its operating costs can fluctuate depending on the price of the fuel used in it. And when the weather isn’t as extreme, there are better options of heating the air in a home: the heat pump.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a clever machine that transfers heat from a cold area to a warmer area where it is desired. How does that work you ask? If you’ve ever felt the coils on the back of your refrigerator and noticed that they are giving off heat, while the inside of the fridge is cold, you have a basic concept of a heat pump. In your fridge, the heat pump will pull heat from the cold air inside, leaving it colder, and then transfer it outside of the fridge, warming the air. When your heat pump is operating it will pull heat from the cold air outside and transfer it inside in the same manner.

The hybrid System

As you’ve probably guessed, the hybrid system combines both of these technologies in order to operate at the most efficient means possible depending on the conditions. In the dead of winter when it’s -10 out, the furnace will be operational and easily warm the house. When it is a little warmer, the heat pump can easily and efficiently heat the house. The two systems combined can end up paying for their costs within a few years by saving on the amount of natural gas or propane used.

There’s not a best system across the board for homes. Every home is unique and will operate best with one type of system versus another. If you would like to find out what that system is for your home, give us at Premier Comfort Heating & Cooling a call today!

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