Premier Comfort Heating and Pets: An Overview

Heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance is a complicated process as is. When you add furry pets to the equation, the situation becomes even more complicated. As pets are family, getting rid of them is out of the question. With a little effort, even the worst shedding scenarios won’t make a difference as your heating and cooling systems will still perform at peak levels.

Premier Comfort Heating and Pets: An Overview

Today, Premier Comfort Heating and Air discusses how to deal with pets as far as heating and cooling are concerned.

Give Your Pets Regular Grooming

Pollen and dirt can accumulate in your pets’ fur, which grooming them regularly a necessity. These particles can easily get airborne and potentially cause allergic reactions. In addition, letting grooming fall by the wayside can also make your pets prone to health risks and overall discomfort.

Keep Surroundings Spotless

Not only should you regularly groom your pets, you should keep your home as neat and allergen-free as possible. Aside from the usual suspects of dust, dirt, and allergy-causing pollen, the fur of your pets can circulate all over your home and settle into appliances and furniture. If they settle into carpets and your HVAC system, you may expect allergic reactions to follow suit.

Stick to a Steady HVAC Maintenance Routine

The most important part of HVAC care, with or without furry pets, is, of course, routine maintenance. The addition of fur can speed up the contamination process of HVAC systems. In addition, it’s also crucial to keep components of your system closed and inaccessible to pets that may have a tendency for excessive chewing. This will help prevent incidents in the future.

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