What’s Your Smelly HVAC Unit Trying to Tell You?

What’s Your Smelly HVAC Unit Trying to Tell You

A smelly HVAC unit can tell you many things about its condition and the state of your home. More often than not, the strange odor will not go away on its own and may even point to something serious, so whatever you do, don’t ignore it!

What’s Your Smelly HVAC Unit Trying to Tell You?

To keep your premier heating and air conditioning units running efficiently without offending anyone’s nose in the meantime, pay attention to the following foul smells:


It’s not uncommon for an oil-burning furnace to reek of its own fuel. This tends to happen when the unit starts operating after installation or after a long period of inactivity.

If you’re using your furnace for the first time, the smell of oil may linger for up to 24 hours. But if you’re waking it up after months of hibernation, the odor should be gone after an hour. If you still smell fumes in the air beyond the aforementioned amount of time, have your unit checked professionally.

Stinky Feet

The air coming out of your AC or heat pump may smell like dirty socks when there’s bacterial growth on the coils. While a professional cleaning can eliminate the bacteria and resulting foul odor, you might consider adding UV lamps to your system for a long-term solution to this problem. These devices kill harmful microbes–including bacteria–as air passes through the coils.


A musty odor can be a red flag indicative of extreme levels of moisture in your HVAC system. Your equipment may have become an environment conducive to mold growth, a health hazard you should not underestimate. Fortunately, the use of UV lights can help in this situation as well by combating the spread of mold around your house.

Address the Odors Your Premier Heating and Air Conditioning Units Give Off

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