Why Do You Have High Humidity While Your Air Conditioner is Running?


As your air conditioning system runs, it provides dehumidification. This is normal for a well-maintained unit, but if the humidity in your home seems high even though the AC is running, this may be due to common factors such as its age or some component of your unit not functioning as it should. You’ll need to have it checked by a trusted air conditioner repair contractor such as Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC to address the issue properly, as this can affect your home’s indoor air quality.

The Common Causes

Certain daily activities can raise your home’s humidity levels. Cooking, for instance, can contribute to excess humidity. This is mainly from the evaporated water that enters the air when using the kitchen stove and oven. Using the bathroom also contributes to high humidity levels, especially when you take hot baths and showers. This is why both kitchens and bathrooms have ventilation fans installed. 

If your heating and cooling system isn’t being cleaned regularly, then it can easily accumulate dust and debris over time. Even with the air filter near the air handler that serves to prevent the buildup of most of the dust, dirt and debris, your unit’s components will still get dirty over time. It’s condenser coils may also get dirty since it’s subject to different weather elements. 

How You Can Dehumidify Your Home

When your unit isn’t being cleaned and maintained properly, the dirt and debris will disrupt the refrigerant cycle and affect your unit’s ability to dehumidify. To prevent this, have it checked and cleaned by a professional technician to avoid further damage. You can also have a whole-home dehumidifier installed, as this will be integrated into your air conditioning system. 

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