5 Signs That Mean Your Water Heater Needs Repairs ASAP


A water heater might not seem like a vital appliance until it breaks down, and you’re faced with the prospect of using icy water in the colder months. But this situation might be preventable if you take heed of the warning signs that your water heater is about to break down. Here are signs you need to get water heater repair done ASAP:


Tank leaks

Puddles of water around your water heater indicate damaged pipes, loose joints, or valve issues. It’s crucial to get water heater leaks checked swiftly because increasing pressure in the valve caused by leaks can create bigger problems for your system.


Discolored water & strange odors

If the water in your home is rust-colored, it indicates bacteria or rust formation in your unit. It can also indicate a broken-down anode rod which is responsible for killing bacteria and removal of rust from your water.

The odor of Sulfur or rotten eggs can also mean that your unit has a sulfate bacteria buildup. Water with bacteria can also have a metallic taste.

You should never ignore discolored water or strange odors from your unit because you don’t want any bacteria getting into your system.


Reduced water flow

If you find that water is flowing out slower or thinner in comparison to before, it can indicate a scale or sediment buildup in your unit. You’ll need a professional to de-scale or de-flush your unit to get the water flowing again.


Strange noises

It’s normal for the water heater to make minimal noises as it functions. Banging, popping, clanging, or cracking sounds are abnormal. They indicate there’s a sediment buildup inside your unit, which is causing your system to overheat to keep the water hot.


Fluctuating water heat

If you find that the water heat fluctuates from scalding to normal to icy, your water heater requires repairs. It’s an indication of mineral buildups around your unit.


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