Avoid Mismatched HVAC Systems at All Costs


When you hire Premier Comfort AC to install your brand-new split HVAC system, you’ll notice that there are generally two units: one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. The outdoor unit houses the condenser coils and compressor, while the indoor ones handle the evaporator coil and blower fans. They’re connected by aluminum tubes that circulate refrigerant between them.

While these two units are part of the same system, they’re also their own separate systems. This means you can replace one without affecting the other. However, doing so isn’t advisable, especially if the two units aren’t matched. Let our experts at Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC show you what matching HVAC systems are and why they are so important.

What Can Happen With Mismatched HVAC Systems?

The biggest challenge with having a mismatched system is incompatibility. Many manufacturers have authorized air conditioner repair technicians who may or may not be able to service products from another manufacturer. At best, this could mean you’ll need to pay two contractors to service one system and, at worst, it could all but void your warranty. Mismatched systems can also put a lot of strain on your HVAC system because of the different components, causing it to fail early on.

Your Energy Efficiency Is Affected

Energy efficiency in HVAC systems also relies on all the components working together seamlessly. This is extremely difficult to achieve when the indoor and outdoor units of your split HVAC system don’t match. Ultimately, the result could be that you won’t be getting the comfort that you want while still having to pay through the nose for increased energy consumption.

Refrigerant Problems

Your heating and cooling system makes use of refrigerant to cool the air circulated inside your house. Different manufacturers and products may have different refrigerant needs, and there’s a chance that they might not match as well. This can cause a lot of operational issues with your HVAC system that could be extremely costly to repair.

At Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC, we recommend replacing both indoor and outdoor units when you’re ready for an HVAC replacement. Give us a call at (303) 916-6773 or fill out our contact form to schedule a service visit and request a free estimate today. We serve homeowners in Brighton, including other surrounding areas in CO.

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