Dealing With HVAC Short-Cycling


If you have a furnace, it’s possible that you’ve encountered problems with the system turning off and on again in short intervals. Also known as short-cycling, this an issue that requires the professional assistance of heating and cooling experts. Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC, tackles the causes and effects of this issue.

HVAC Short Cycling

What Causes Short-Cycling

Heating systems such as furnaces and heat pumps work by releasing warm air into the room, then switching off on their own once the thermostat senses that the right temperature has been reached in the house. It then comes back on again whenever the temperature drops below what the thermostat is set at. This cycling mechanism usually works fine, but not when it occurs every five minutes or so. This is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

The causes of short-cycling furnaces vary, with the most common being thermostat malfunction. You can perform your own troubleshooting on this device; for example, you could replace the batteries when they’ve run out of juice. Heating and cooling experts recommend using lithium batteries, because alkaline types tend to run out quickly, causing inconsistencies and failures in your system.

What Short-Cycling Does to Your Furnace

When you let the problem of short-cycling linger longer than necessary, you risk damaging the overall integrity and function of your furnace. As it goes on and off in these short intervals, important components of the system will suffer unnecessary strain, which could result in failures and costly repairs. More than that, the system’s inefficiency can have an adverse effect on your energy consumption, causing you to spend more on your monthly utility bills.

In addition to doing your part by keeping your HVAC system in good condition, it’s also necessary to hire a certified technician capable of performing regular inspections and routine maintenance on your furnace. A professional can determine whether the prior installation is behind the short-cycle problem.

Ensure the Performance of Your Furnace

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