Differentiating Between Bypass and Fan-Powered Humidifiers


Humidification matters in addressing health problems associated with dry air. However, the equipment you choose to do the moisturizing is just as important as the act itself. Generally, you have two options: whole-home bypass and fan-powered humidifiers.

Differentiating Between Bypass and Fan-Powered Humidifiers

What Is a Bypass Humidifier?

Any reputable air conditioner repair technician would describe a bypass humidifier as an appliance reliant on a furnace. Its defining characteristic is that it lacks a built-in fan, requiring a bypass duct in order to recirculate the moisturized air through the furnace for distribution.

Because of its design, a bypass humidifier can’t operate when the furnace isn’t running. It’s also prone to humidity loss, due to the fact that the moisturized air has to make a longer journey before reaching living space.

The upside of a bypass humidifier is that it doesn’t produce much noise during operation. It also consumes less electricity since it uses the furnace’s blower motor for the distribution of humidified air.

What Is a Fan-Powered Humidifier?

A fan-powered humidifier is tasked with the same job as its bypass counterpart, but as its name suggests, it has its own fan. It can be installed directly and doesn’t need extra ductwork, which means it works independently from other HVAC units.

Furthermore, a fan-powered humidifier is efficient; it can release a gallon more of moisture into the air than a bypass unit can. Also, a fan-powered model humidifies larger areas faster.

On the flip side, fan-powered humidifiers can be loud. You may hear its operation if you’re sensitive to noise, which can be bothersome when combined with the noise of a furnace.

Which One Is Better?

There isn’t one specific type of whole-home humidifier that’s right for every household. Bypass and fan-powered appliances should be compared based on cost, efficiency and noise level to determine which one makes more sense in your situation.

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