Everything You Need To Know About Electric Furnaces


Electric furnaces are an increasingly popular option for central heating in homes. They work by drawing cool air in through a heat exchanger. Once the cool air reaches the heat exchanger, it’s warmed and forced out to your ductwork, which transports it to the rest of your home through vents.

Like every other HVAC system, an electric furnace has pros and cons. The pros of an electric furnace are:

Increased safety

Unlike other furnaces, electric furnaces do not use potentially harmful fuels like oil or natural gas. Without these fuels, your home remains protected against gas and oil leaks. Electric furnaces also do not use carbon monoxide, so you don’t have to bear the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.


An electric furnace is an efficient option that gives you the bang for your buck. Since it doesn’t use any fuel, you save on the additional cost. If you maintain your furnace correctly, you can also reduce electricity bills. Some furnaces can be up to 100% efficient because they don’t use any fossil fuels.


Electric furnaces are a more affordable option because of lower upfront costs. The electric furnace installation process is easier, so it costs less on average.


For natural gas and oil furnaces, you, of course, require toil and gas to run them. On the other hand, electricity is easily found all over the country, which makes it a widely accessible option for most people.

The cons of an electric furnace are:

Not ideal for colder climates

If you live in consistently cold climates, it may not be a good idea to keep the electric furnace running for longer because of the rising electricity bills. They may not be able to keep up with freezing temperatures as well as other furnace options.

Higher operational costs

Although it’s cheaper to buy and install an electric furnace, the operational costs can be higher due to increasing electricity bills. It’s not an ideal option for places where electricity is more expensive.

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