Everything You Need To Know About Forced Air Heating


Forced air systems are the most popular HVAC systems available today. If you’re looking into replacing your old heating system, or would like to know how it differs from other HVAC systems types, Premier Comfort presents an overview of this heating system.


How Do Forced-Air Systems Work?

The forced-air system cycle begins once the thermostat temperature is set. Stale air is sucked through the intake registers and passes through the air filters, where dust, dander, and other particles are removed.

The air then blows through the air handler where it is warmed by the furnace or heat pump, then into the air ducts. Fans and blowers create air movement that allows warm air to be released through the heating vents. This cycle repeats until the room or home temperature reaches the desired thermostat setting.

Advantages of Forced-Air Systems

Forced-air systems have certain advantages over other types of HVAC units. It uses a central source of heating, which means all of the indoor air is filtered at a singular point before it is warmed and released into the ductwork. It helps maintain consistent indoor air quality throughout the house, as you only need to replace air filters at one point instead of several. Forced-air systems also make it easy to add a whole-house humidifier/dehumidifier system.

HVAC systems designed for use on forced-air systems are generally tested for energy efficiency. If your heating system is due for an upgrade, it won’t be hard to find a heat pump or furnace that is certified by ENERGY STAR® and is compatible with your existing heating system. Energy-efficient HVAC systems can help you save on heating and cooling costs if installed and maintained properly.

Speaking of maintenance, it should be noted that, in order for you to enjoy these benefits, you need to stick to a regular maintenance routine. Remember that air filters remove dust and other particulates from the entire house, therefore it eventually becomes clogged. Your HVAC system will need new air filters every three months, or every month during periods of heavy use. Together with twice-a-year maintenance inspections conducted by an HVAC professional, you can expect consistent and reliable heating from your forced-air heating system.

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