HVAC Maintenance Contracts: Are They Worth the Money?


Most HVAC contractors offer maintenance contracts in addition to repair and installation services. While many homeowners find them beneficial, others consider them a waste of money. In this blog, heating and AC contractor Premier Comfort sheds light on HVAC service contracts and whether or not they’re worth the money.


What Are HVAC Maintenance Contracts?

An HVAC maintenance contract, also known as a scheduled maintenance agreement or simply a service contract, is an agreement between you and an HVAC contractor wherein you pay a set fee to guarantee the latter’s ongoing services for your HVAC system.

A typical AC maintenance contract includes scheduled inspections conducted at least twice a year, one in preparation for winter, and the other for summer. Coverage may include replacement parts, emergency services and priority service during peak season. Of course, the more features your contract has, the higher the fees will be.

Why Should You Purchase a Maintenance Contract?

Busy homeowners can benefit from scheduled HVAC maintenance. HVAC systems are subject to daily wear and tear, and therefore require regular maintenance. Small problems found before they develop into bigger ones aren’t only easier to fix, they also cost less overall. Unfortunately, busy homeowners tend to neglect maintenance, postponing appointments until the HVAC system needs extensive repairs.

An HVAC maintenance contract helps you keep your appointments right on schedule. As described above, scheduled HVAC maintenance is conducted twice a year. These appointments aren’t just a repeat of each other; the pre-winter inspection will focus on the heating system, while the pre-summer inspection will focus on the air conditioning system. You can rely on a well-maintained HVAC system to keep you comfortable in your home throughout the year.

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