Discover the Basics of Air Conditioning Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Discover the Basics of Air Conditioning Maintenance_ What You Need to Know

Nobody likes having a problem with their air conditioner. In the heat of summer, having your air conditioner break down not only presents a nuisance but a genuine health hazard for those prone to health problems such as dehydration and heart trouble. Ensuring your AC is in excellent shape is necessary for surviving summer heat.

The Benefits of Maintenance

Before your air conditioning gets to the point of requiring an air conditioning maintenance company, consider the benefits of keeping your air conditioner in good condition yourself. Air conditioning preventative maintenance is straightforward, requiring only a few easy steps throughout the year to ensure maximum performance and keep you from paying for a costly central air conditioning repair job.

Admittedly, it’s intimidating to consider air conditioning preventive maintenance yourself. It’s tempting to call an air conditioning maintenance company rather than try the work. After all, few of us have a background in the complicated steps necessary to handle the upkeep of these complex devices. Still, air conditioning preventive maintenance is a simple skill anyone can pull off. Here’s a guide to the most effective steps to keep your air conditioning service at its best.

Replacing Your Filter

No element of an air conditioning system is more common to a homeowner than the filter. These low-cost, lightweight devices are easy to find and available at home repair stores and retailers as common as grocery stores. Air conditioning filters are easy to replace and located at grates in the home where the unit is situated. Replacing them is as simple as removing the old one and popping in the new one. 

While this is simple, this step tremendously impacts your system, maintaining constant airflow that increases efficiency. Replacing the filter regularly will lower your energy costs by 5% to 15%. Furthermore, a dirty filter will send dirt and debris into the system, potentially damaging it. A simple monthly replacement and constant grate cleaning will keep your system in peak condition.

Maintaining Your Coils

When performing air conditioning preventive maintenance, the inside filter is the most prominent spot to look to. The outside unit is pivotal to the unit’s operation and is all too often neglected by homeowners. When this unit gets damaged, central air conditioner repair becomes a must you can’t avoid any longer. 

Maintenance seems intimidating on these machines, but it is simple for anyone to perform. The key is to pay attention to the coils running along the outside of the unit. Check them annually to ensure that they don’t get dirty. Removing debris is simple and takes only a bit of time. 

Another essential step is to ensure the fins on the coils aren’t bent. When they are, airflow is restricted, and the unit breaks down. To fix the fins, seek out a fin comb from an air conditioner wholesaler to restore the fins to a nearly original shape. This simple tool will save you a lot of trouble later.

Finally, take time to clear the area around the unit. Remove excess leaves and debris, and trim the foliage back. A roughly two-foot perimeter around the unit will keep it safe and operating throughout the year.

Pay Attention to Ductwork

One area to pay attention to is the ducts throughout the house. Keep a close eye on the vents to ensure they are adequately cleaned. A simple paper towel will allow proper ventilation. Also, ensure airtight operation by sealing loose or cracked joints. Lastly, these vents are easy to cover in the home due to their small size. Make sure they’re open and free to flow for maximum efficiency.

Take Care of the Indoor Evaporator

Next to the filter, the indoor evaporator unit is one of the most common elements of the air conditioning system people come into contact with. This system has two key pieces: 


Dirt frequently collects on the coils throughout use. Cleaning the coils is relatively easy. Special conditioners exist to clean the coils. However, they’re not always necessary. Simple soap and water will handle the task. A vacuum cleaner also works to remove debris from the coils. With simple cleaning, the evaporator coils will maintain peak use.


The other element to deal with is the drain. This air conditioner part gets clogged with debris, algae, and mold. To clean it, simply unplug the drain. Then, run a vacuum cleaner to suck up any excess particles or clogs. With this simple step, you can prevent problems later on.

All of these steps are simple to perform on your own. Some require monthly maintenance, while others require annual work, but there’s no need to seek an air conditioning maintenance company to fulfill these easy steps. Air conditioning preventive maintenance is an easy skill to learn and use independently.

Unfortunately, sometimes problems with your system do exceed your reach. That’s when you need an air conditioning maintenance company, such as Premiere Comfort Heating & Air. Serving the Brighton, CO, area, we’re proud to be a leader in central air conditioner repair. Our team has over 12 years of experience on a professional level. We install and repair HVAC systems. We’re family owned and operated, so we know the stress you’re under. Our mission is to fix your system so you can enjoy the summer in peace. Contact us today for your air conditioning needs.

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