Resolving Common HVAC Troubles in Older Homes


With over a decade of experience in HVAC systems, our technicians at Premier Heating and Air have provided service to homes of all shapes, sizes and ages. Older homes tend to have heating and cooling issues that are unique to them, making them a bit more challenging to repair and maintain compared to units in more modern homes.

Learning the basics about how to deal with AC problems in an older home can help you keep your family comfortable and your heating and air conditioning system in good shape. Here our HVAC professionals at Premier Comfort walk you through the heating and cooling problems most common in older homes, as well as provide you with a few tips on how to resolve them effectively.

Indoor Air Quality

It’s not a secret that older homes tend to have that “old home” smell, and it might have something to do with air conditioning repair and maintenance. Another common cause of this problem is the live greenery that tends to surround these types of homes. Make sure to keep all nearby trees and shrubs trimmed back away from any outdoor unit and change your filters frequently, especially during pollen season.

Duct Problems

Homeowners usually keep the existing ductwork in their homes when replacing their air conditioning and heating systems, but like most other equipment, air ducts have a lifespan of their own. If the ducts you have are 15 years old or older, consider replacing them with newer ones. Aging ducts can trap a lot more dust particles, which could affect your health. They could also have undetected leaks, which can cause your energy efficiency to drastically drop.

Outdated Equipment

HVAC systems typically last up to 15 years. Even hybrid heating systems and other modern units will eventually reach the end of their estimated service life. While regular maintenance can extend their use by one or two years, it’s always a good idea to replace them as soon as they start showing frequent signs of failing due to age.

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