Important Things to Do If You Lose Heat in the Winter


Nothing is more frustrating than your furnace or heat pump failing you in the middle of winter. This can be particularly worrisome if you have an infant or an elderly relative in your home. To prepare for such an emergency, our Premier Comfort AC and heating pros have prepared a checklist of the things you need to do if your heating unit stops working all of a sudden.

Lose Heat in the Winter

Keep the heat. If your furnace or heat pump stops working because of a power outage or malfunction, make sure to eliminate heat loss by keeping all the doors inside your house closed. Opening an entry door lets in a blast of air cold enough to cause the indoor temperature to drop by up to 10 degrees. Insulate your windows, too, by closing blinds and curtains. If you have a basement, consider staying there. It may normally be colder, but it can be warmer in the winter because of the ground’s insulating quality.

Add heat from alternative sources. Heating and cooling experts recommend using other alternative heat sources. If you have a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace, you can get it going and warm up at least one room. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher on hand if you’re getting your heat from a fireplace. If the sun is up when your heating unit stops working, open the blinds on the windows facing the sun, then place a dark blanket on the floor and furniture so it can soak up the heat.

Call a local HVAC contractor. Get in touch with your local HVAC company to help determine the cause of the HVAC malfunction. Scheduling a tune-up of your heating unit before the winter season arrives is always a smart move. In so doing, you’ll ensure the equipment’s long-term performance and keep it in good working condition for the colder months.

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