Natural Gas Heater Installation In Brighton, Colorado


As the name suggests, a gas heater uses a burning natural gas like propane or butane to produce heat. Natural gas heaters are the most popular of their kind in North America. If you’re considering a gas heater for your home, you should know its pros and cons to make a well-informed decision.

The pros of a gas heater are:



A gas heater uses lesser fuel to create more heat, so it’s a more efficient fuel. Generally, it’s a cheaper alternative than electricity, so it’ll save you money overall. It also doesn’t burn any fossil fuels, so it’s more environmentally friendly.


Faster heating

With a gas heater, you won’t have to sit around and wait for warmth. They tend to heat up a lot faster than electric heaters because they achieve their highest temperatures as soon as the burner turns on.



Gas heaters are versatile. It’s easy to incorporate them with your home’s existing HVAC system. You can combine a gas heater with your air conditioner or a heat pump for extra comfort.

The cons of a gas heater are:



A gas heater does produce some carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous in higher quantities, so you will require a carbon monoxide detector to be installed in your home.


High upfront costs

A gas heater may be cheaper to operate than its counterparts, but it’s a lot more expensive upfront with higher installation costs. Since these heaters run on natural gas, you may have to service your unit more frequently to ensure your home’s safety.


Access to a gas line

Your house needs to be connected, or within range of a gas line to grab natural gas for functioning. This may not be possible for all homes, so it limits accessibility.


Shorter lifespan

With regular maintenance, a gas heater can last 15-20 years, while an electric one can last 20-30 years.


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