Why Should You Replace Your Furnace This Spring?


Since spring weather is ideal for major renovations and meticulous spring cleaning, you may also want to consider upgrading some of your older systems if needed. Your furnace, for instance, can only keep your home warm during the winter season for the length of its effective lifespan. Everything eventually gets to the point that you’ll need to consider a replacement when the time comes. 


If you have an old furnace that needs to be replaced, why not do it this spring? Here our heating and air conditioning repair team at Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC shares the benefits of a spring furnace replacement.

It won&#x2019t break your budget. If you delay your furnace installation, this will affect your home&#x2019s energy efficiency, and you’ll end up paying higher utility bills during the winter months. It can also be risky to replace a furnace in the dead of winter, as it can put an unexpected strain on your budget, depending on the weather. It&#x2019s much better to replace your unit in the spring because, depending on what you choose, you can take advantage of great financing options and even rebates.

You get better deals on different units. Did you know that you can get better deals and closeouts on different furnaces and other types of heating and cooling systems in the spring? You can expect to get last year&#x2019s models at more affordable prices. This is also due to the fact that contractors know that not a lot of people will be looking to buy a new furnace during the spring season. 

Installers will make more time for you. Even if something happens unexpectedly during the replacement, you won&#x2019t need to worry about your home&#x2019s indoor comfort since you won&#x2019t be using it in the spring. Not a lot of people are looking to repair or replace their furnaces either, so it won&#x2019t be hard to schedule a replacement. Some contractors may even be prompted to promote deals and encourage you to get your system replaced during the warmer months. This also means you can expect a faster response time and better quality of service throughout the furnace installation process! 

Consider getting a new furnace in the spring when the installation will have less of an impact on your home&#x2019s indoor comfort. As the premier comfort AC contractor in the area, our team at Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC provides only the best heating and cooling solutions for your home! Call us today at (303) 916-6773 or contact us online through our convenient contact form. We serve the communities in and around Brighton, CO.

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