Air Conditioner Repair

Why Do You Have High Humidity While Your Air Conditioner is Running?

As your air conditioning system runs, it provides dehumidification. This is normal for a well-maintained unit, but if the humidity in your home seems high even though the AC is running, this may be due to common factors such as its age or some component of your unit not functioning as it should. You’ll need to have it checked by a trusted air conditioner repair contractor such as Premier Comfort Heating and ...
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Avoiding Expensive Commercial HVAC Repairs

Being a commercial property owner can be stressful at times, especially when it comes to maintaining its components and ensuring that they’re in good condition, including your HVAC system. Poor management of your system can lead to costly repairs, though of course a major commercial HVAC repair may be necessary at any time during its expected lifespan. However, the chances of this happening are reduced when you sign up for ...
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Troubleshooting Common AC Issues

Modern air conditioners not only cool indoor air, they also dehumidify the environment. Dissipating heat and removing moisture from the air are both vital for comfort. Sometimes your air conditioner can fail to do these twin tasks completely. Your system may occasionally use more energy to perform its job, but it’s a nuisance when it blows warm air or doesn’t turn on. Leaving major HVAC problems to air conditioner repair technicians ...
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Raechelle P.

Scott was able to come out on short notice at an affordable price! Will definitely use premier comfort future services.


Melinda S.

Scott came today for a clean and tune. Shows you everything and very honest! Thanks for your quick, professional advice!


Chris N.

Had a steam humidifier installed. They had a great price. Arrived on time and performed a quality and professional job. I would recommend them to anyone!