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AC Leaking? Here’s What to Do Next

Is your AC leaking? This is not one of the HVAC issues you should ever even think about ignoring. Even if you only have an AC leaking a little bit, it's one of the HVAC problems that could spiral out of control fast. Before you know it, you might have water damage in your home. You might also find mold growing all over the place. So, what should you do once you notice you ...
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What Does a Frozen AC Unit Mean?

In theory, having a frozen AC unit might sound like a good thing. It would seem as though a frozen AC unit would be able to pump even more cold air into your home than usual. But in reality, a frozen AC unit can be one of the worst HVAC problems you can face during the summer months. Homeowners should do whatever they can to prevent the evaporator coils in their AC ...
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A Quick Guide to Summer HVAC Maintenance in Colorado

Have you heard that Americans' ideal AC temperature is a chilly 64 degrees during the summer? As the summer heat settles in, every homeowner in Colorado needs to make sure that their HVAC units are running well. Colorado summers can be demanding on HVAC units. Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. Read our guide so you'll know every vital step you need to take to get prepared ...
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Raechelle P.

Scott was able to come out on short notice at an affordable price! Will definitely use premier comfort future services.


Melinda S.

Scott came today for a clean and tune. Shows you everything and very honest! Thanks for your quick, professional advice!


Chris N.

Had a steam humidifier installed. They had a great price. Arrived on time and performed a quality and professional job. I would recommend them to anyone!