Why Your Furnace Is Not Heating Up


If you have no experience dealing with furnace or air conditioner repair and troubleshooting, it’s not recommended to handle these issues by yourself. However, it’s time to get over that initial fear and address a few simple issues that can help you.

Why Your Furnace Is Not Heating Up

First Things First

Don’t sound the panic alarm yet, there are a few things you can check to make sure your furnace is heating your home up the way it should.

First, make sure that your thermostat is set to heat, and look at its temperature settings. You’ll never know if somebody has changed anything in there. Check for breaks in the wiring that connects your thermostat to the furnace. Finally, check the batteries and make sure they’re not dead.

Lastly, manually adjust your temperature using the up and down buttons. If none of these made any difference, you can rule out your thermostat as the root cause of the issue.

Change the Filters

Furnace and air conditioner repair technicians will often check the furnace filters to make sure they’re free of any dust or debris and generally not too clogged up to heat up your home. If you don’t have replaceable filters, a simple cleaning can have an almost instantaneous effect.

Leaks and Blockages

Your furnace, and your home’s heating and cooling systems for that matter, can suffer immensely from leaks and blockages. If they are accessible, check the ductwork visually to make sure there’s nothing there that can restrict air flow throughout your home.

Trust Only Premier Professionals

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