4 Steps to Take to Ensure Energy-Efficient Home Cooling


Achieving the desired indoor comfort over the summer months starts with an efficient cooling system. Thus, you must make sure it’s in top condition; this way, you’ll reduce early wear and tear that may result in sudden breakdowns. After all, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to malfunction when it’s hot outside.

Today, Premier Comfort Heating & Air, your local heating and cooling experts, discuss the steps you need to take to ensure energy-efficient home cooling.

Change your air filters regularly. Make it a habit to check the air filter whenever you use your air conditioning unit heavily over the summer months. While filters are usually changed every three months, consider changing yours every month if you see it filled with dirt. Otherwise, it will slow down airflow, making your equipment work twice as hard, which can lead to early failure and costly maintenance.

Install a programmable thermostat. Investing in a programmable thermostat allows you to save significant amounts of money on energy costs. You can use it to adjust your temperature preferences and establish a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you leave your home or while sleeping.

Schedule repairs & tune-ups on your AC unit. Just as you do to improve your car’s performance, having your cooling equipment inspected and repaired helps boost its efficiency and your desired comfort. While you can check refrigerant levels and clean the evaporator and condenser coils, it would be better to hire a certified air conditioner repair technician who can do everything to ensure the unit’s top condition.

Use fans. Even if you have air conditioning, see to it that the fans in your home are also used. You can even combine the two—open a fan and adjust your thermostat at a higher-than-normal setting so you can still save energy. Remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room.

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