How to Replace Your HVAC Air Filter


Air filters help maintain indoor air quality by trapping dust and other particles in the air as it moves through your heating and cooling systems. In today’s post, Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC, shares a quick guide on how to replace your air filters and explains why you need to do it regularly.

Why You Need to Replace Your Air Filter

Air filters will eventually become full of particles and require replacement. Particulates can build up and block airflow in your heating and air conditioning systems, which can result in increased HVAC workload and reduced efficiency. Some of the trapped particles in the air filter may also come loose and recirculate in the air.

Under normal use, HVAC systems require a new air filter every three to four months. During seasons of heavy heating or cooling, or if you happen to live in an area with a lot of dust, you may need a new air filter as often as once a month. Make it a point to check your air filter often and purchase a replacement when needed.

How to Replace It

Most types of HVAC systems feature user-replaceable air filters, which means you don’t have to schedule an appointment with an air conditioner repair technician when you need to replace it. It is, however, important to purchase replacement filters that are the same size as the original; otherwise, there could be air leaks.

Before you replace your air filter, make sure the HVAC system is turned off. It’s typically located at the return vent, covered by the grille and usually has tabs that you can pull up to remove it. The air filter’s condition should be clear after removing the grille, and you should be able to see whether or not it’s clogged.

Depending on the HVAC model, the air filter can usually be removed by hand, though you may need a screwdriver to remove it. Replace it with the new air filter, put the grille back and turn your HVAC system back on. Make a note of when you’ve replaced your filter so you’ll know when a replacement is due.

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